To Be Partners

We are adequately represented through several channel partners in the western zone covering Maharashtra and Gujarat in Western Zone of India. We are in a process to cover Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka in the South zone of India, cover Orissa, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar in East Zone of India and cover Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh in North Zone of India through a network of dealers. This channel partners shall be supported by sub-dealers to increase the reach and range of operation in various part of India.
Infotex Software has built partnerships with a wide variety of agencies, technology firms, and software resellers around the world. This enables us to focus on our own core products and services while at the same time, diversify the range of services we provide to our customers.
These partner programs enables you to expand your existing business and offer the enterprise software solutions best suited for Indian Industries.
Each partner contributes their own unique skills and expertise that complement Infotex Software's suite of software solutions.
Infotex Software's Value-Added Resellers sell, implement and support Infotex Software products in their respective vertical markets or geographic regions worldwide. VARs
Infotex Software's Technology Partners enable us to provide our customers with programming and other value-added services. Infotex Software has established partnerships with a select few technology firms. Technology Partners

Key Benefits

Become Infotex Software Partner
The Infotex Software Partner Program provides opportunities for various software firms and marketing agencies to work with Infotex Software to better serve their customers. We partner with firms who are experienced in working with enterprise companies to create or sell effective software solutions. The program enables partners to work closely with customers to exceed their needs, while Infotex Software remains focused on delivering best-of-class software solutions.
Our Partners realize considerable benefits while working with Infotex Software, including:

  • Working for mutual growth – In these competitive days, business grows by trust and referral relationship. Infotex Software believes that every of our partner had his own business knowledge and brand equity in the market. Infotex Software brings all of its partners under the single umbrella to work out on the referral relation ship business and the global market.
  • Infotex Software’s brand equity - Infotex Software’s partners realize the strength and the value of being associated with a respected, well-established brand such as Infotex Software. The company’s products, exceptional customer service, and industry renown help its partners to secure new business and reinforce their company’s strength and credibility.
  • Extensive customer list - Infotex Software has worked with a veritable "who's who" of many leading companies from a wide range of industries. Current customers include LGCARE etc to DODHIA Synthetics Ltd, Dhingers, Sakariyas etc. Partners choose to partner with us because Infotex Software has produced results for these customers, as well as for many other outstanding companies.
  • Industry leadership - Analysts and competitors recognize Infotex Software as a leader in Textile Workflow Systems, and other enterprise software solutions. As the manufacturing industry evolves to the next level of software automation, Infotex Software is consistently singled out as one of the emerging leaders.
  • Fully integrated suite of products - Infotex Software Visual Texstock, Visual Accounts and Visual Packing work together seamlessly to provide customers with a robust suite of enterprise software applications.
  • Wealth of skills and expertise - Infotex Software is equipped to provide its partners and their customers with a level of customer service and technical support that ensures the product or project success.
  • Project referrals - Occasionally our customers want services beyond Infotex Software’s expertise or we realized “where we have expertise and where not”. That is when we turn to select partners. Infotex Software matches each project that is referred to us with the most capable and appropriate technology partner thus our customers are provided with the best service.
  • Discount pricing - Infotex Software provides their partners with discounted pricing and allows them to decide whether to pass the savings on to their customers or to keep it for themselves as product profit. Infotex Software partners are either referral partners or can also act as resellers.
  • Co-marketing - Infotex Software encourages their partners to participate in co-marketing efforts, including case studies, press releases, Infotex Software newsletters, etc.
  • Co-presenting / selling / proposal writing - Infotex Software participates in sales presentations and help write and produce project proposals.
Working together
Infotex Software’s partners can expect the following from Infotex Software:
  • Commitment to the relationship - Infotex Software recognizes that the value of a partnership is based on the commitment and attentiveness of each party involved. Partners can expect to hear from Infotex Software on a regular basis; Infotex Software representatives will check in on the status of projects, communicate about the new products of the company is launching and alert partners and customers to enhancements to existing products. Infotex Software will help its partners develop and produce proposals and shall participate in sales pitches and presentations as appropriate.
  • Exceptional customer service, training, and support - Partners will receive the same level of customer service and support that customers have come to associate with the Infotex Software brand. Infotex Software will work with partner’s internal personnel to help them become adept at working with the Infotex Software suite of products so that they can in turn train end-users.
  • Flexibility - Infotex Software is willing to accommodate almost any working relationship with partners. Infotex Software can work directly with the end customer, can allow partners to resell Infotex Software’s products, or can work as a sub-contractor only visible to the partner’s development team.
  • Reliability - Infotex Software is here to help partners succeed and is committed to making every implementation as smooth and successful as possible for its partners and their customers.

Infotex Software expects the following from its partners:

  • Timely and honest communication - Infotex Software expects that partners will update Infotex Software sales representatives about project opportunities throughout the sales cycle. In addition, Infotex Software invites candid and constructive feedback about Infotex Software’s pricing, products and service offerings in the market.
  • Lead referrals to new business - Infotex Software expects that its partners will refer and promote Infotex Software products to a minimum of 3 - 5 prospective customers per year. Infotex Software is seeking partnerships with firms who refer business to Infotex Software, and who will benefit directly from a relationship with Infotex Software. If there is not an opportunity for Infotex Software’s products to be sold to the partner's end customers, then it does not make any purpose to partner.
  • Co-marketing with partners - Infotex Software expects partners to promote Infotex Software’s products and company through customer communications, during sales processes, on partner's Web sites and through other co-marketing opportunities.

Infotex Software Technology Partners

Infotex Software has established partnerships with a select few technology firms enabling us to provide our customers with programming and other value-added services.
Currently, Infotex Software's technology partners include:

Infotex Software Value-Added Reseller Program

The Infotex Software Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Program is intended for select channel partners to sell, implement and support Infotex Software products in their respective vertical markets or geographic regions.
Our VARs serve as local Infotex Software representatives, driving sales and marketing activities in their markets with support from Infotex Software.
Infotex Software understands that we can enhance the value of our products and services by working closely with companies that specialize in specific markets. To support this effort, Infotex Software makes a significant commitment to partners in terms of dedicated staff, training, marketing materials and technical support.
The specific benefits of our VAR partners include:

  • Technical and Sales training
  • Software Demonstration in selected locations
  • Co-operative marketing funds, if required
  • Policy Implementation
  • Lead Referrals
  • Discounts on Product Purchases
  • Marketing & Communications support for more information on the Infotex Software

Become a Partner

You too can now be a Partner if
  • You have the ability to provide best-of-class services to customers
  • You have good marketing knowledge and ability to add value to and complement Infotex Software’s products and services
  • You have a sound financial background
  • You have the ability to bring new customers to Infotex Software
One of the Infotex Software representatives will contact you after we receive your information. Please be prepared to provide an overview of your company, skills, experience, work samples, client list, and Web site url. Also, tell us why you are interested in working with Infotex Software.
A representative from Infotex Software will respond to your inquiry within 2-3 business days.
In evaluating partnerships, Infotex Software looks at the estimated return for both partners and the company. Infotex Software evaluates potential partners based on: