Usability Focus

These days primary failure of the already deployed software solutions are related to its usability i.e., solutions could not be used for a longer period due to lack of user training, and lack of continuous customer support provided by the software organizations.

Continuous User Training

Infotex Software provide continuous training for customer's user teams and the administrators, which will equip them with everything they need to add, modify, customize the application and navigate through the products extensive feature sets.

Application Maintenance Tools for Free

At Infotex Software, we provide various software maintenance tools like query analyzer, dynamic report builder, for free of cost which will simplify the maintenance and customization of your application for future changes, but understanding how to use those tools is key to your success.

Infotex Software offers the following Customer training packages:

One-hour Free Orientation

This free, one-hour training is initially conducted onsite and designed to provide customers of Infotex Software with a general introduction to their products.

The one-hour orientation includes:

  • Product overview
  • Tour of Product features
  • Configuring Application Security & Other features
  • Configuring Dynamic Report Formats (if any).
  • Using Free Application Maintenance Tools.
This free orientation is also extended in our premises on every Saturday (working day only)about 3:30PM - 4:30PM during the warranty period or on AMC signed. For certain products/ services, even after warranty period also free orientation is offered.

One-day: Eight-hour Orientation

The eight-hour orientation includes:

  • Complete product overview with full feature descriptions
  • Training on Dependent software like
  • Working with Operating System, RDBMS
  • Configuring Mail Client
  • Downloading Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Sending Bug Report & Change Request
  • Customized Content on mutual discussion will also be included
At the conclusion of the one-day training, customer's user team, administrator will have the clear picture on the product as well as the dependable software. They will also get educated towards sending bug report, change request and installing updates through web.

Customized Training

If the above training packages do not sufficiently meet your needs, Infotex Software sales representatives will assist to develop a customized training program for your company.