Technology Resources

Infotex Software has a variety of RDBMS platforms running on high-end servers with Terabytes of disk storage. Infotex Software is having powerful workstations with the latest compilers, utilities and tools for design, development and testing.
The present infrastructure can accommodate 20 programmers and related staff. Infotex Software is at present equipped with more than 20 networked high end work stations.

Infotex Software Strength is its People

In house R&D group constantly challenge all of our staff to question the already established methods, and to deliver improved solutions.
We have dedicated project teams working in various technologies like:
  • VB6 – MS Sql Server
  • VB6 – MS Access
  • Oracle-Developer 2000
  • Visual Fox pro
  • VB.Net
  • ASP.Net
  • J2EE
  • XML, WML and other mark-ups languages
  • Flash and other multimedia tools
  • And project teams will be trained on the relevant technologies internally time-to-time as required for the projects