Tex-Stock Cloth Manufacturing Stock Management System
Tex-Stock is Stock Management System that automates the entire manufacturing cycle of Yarn-to-Cloth starting from yarn purchase, transfer of Yarn to warper, weaver, twister, jobber, beam production, Beam transfer to weaver, Cloth production, Dyeing challan, Dyeing Receipts, Challan, Bill, Cloth Return. The software is an end-to-end solution for a Cloth manufacturing unit. The Software has been successfully utilized by hundreds of Cloth manufacturers in and around Mumbai, especially in Bhiwandi, who are manufacturing suiting, shirting, cotton and texturized cloth. The software manages stock of yarn beam and cloth at offices, godowns, Warpers, weavers, dyeing houses, yarn jobbers and all relevant departments within and outside the factory. The software is a result of 14 years of experience in textile field and has been developed with consultation of top notch Master weavers and Textile consultants from Bhiwandi.
  • Menu driven and easy to use
  • No duplicated data entry
  • Export facility for reports to many different formats
  • Open architecture for scalability
  • Multi Company, Multi Department , Multi Beam on Single Loom
  • Integrated 4 level Security System
  • User defined Report Wizard to create virtually any report on data
  • Data sorting, filtering and search functionality at data entry level
  • Multiple formats for forms printing
  • SMS , Barcode Printing and Scanning, Grid Report, Emailing Reports, Export to PDF, Remote Access to software
  • Registers for All entered data like,
    • Yarn In, Purchase Return, Issue to (weaver warper Dyeing), Yarn Production, Sale
    • Beam Production, Issue, Loading on loom, Purchase
    • Cloth Production, Purchase, Issue, Delivery, Return, Sales
    • Dyeing Challan, Return, Receipt,
  • Format Printing for Yarn Receipt, Yarn Issue, Beam Issue, Dyeing Challan , Delivery Challan, Invoice, Cloth Return Note, Sales Order, Cloth Purchase Order, Yarn Purchase Order
  • Yarn Consumption - Weft consumed in Cloth Production, Warp Consumed in Beam Production
  • Dead Stock Report
  • Yarn Stock Date wise, Yarn wise, Box wise, Lot wise, Stock in Office, Weaver, Warper
  • Cloth Stock Undelivered Taka, Design wise, Quality wise, Grey Stock, Finish Stock
  • Beam Stock Cut balance Summary on Loom, Beam Summary Design wise, Stock at Weaver, Warper, Office, Sizer
  • Dyeing Stock Dyeing Stock Lot wise, Design wise, Date wise, Shrinkage Report, Daily Shrinkage Analysis
  • Overall Stock - Stock Of Yarn & Beam at Weaver, Stock of Yarn in all Dept, Stock of Yarn in Cloth, Stock of Yarn in Beam
  • Weaver Salary, Voucher, Unbilled Challan
  • Costing Sheet - detail and summary
  • Raw Material Requirement Planning Weft Requirement at Weaver, Yarn Requirement for a Order
  • Order reports Pending Yarn Purchase order, Cloth Sales Order, Cloth Purchase Order, Dyeing Order, Job work Order
Software Single User Multiuser
Vtexstock Rs. Rs.
AMC Options
  • Infotex Software offers Annual Maintenance Contract options for its products to support the customers even after warranty. Because, we do understand that for using software for a longer time, support and updates play a major role.
  • AMC can be extended at the maximum 20% of project development cost as an option to the client.
  • AMC Options For Desktop Version
    20% of the product cost (product cost estimates which is inclusive of the base product cost + additional customization charges)
  • AMC Options For Enterprise Version
    20% of the product cost excluding customization charges
  • *AMC Charges may vary based on the Additional Customizations Required in the Products
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Cloth Production Delivery Challan Beam Production
Yarn Input Yarn Off Stock Details Packing Receipt
Dyeing Receipt Packing Slip  
Reports PDF
Grid Report Screen shot and features